Thursday, June 19, 2014

Keeping that spark alive and turning it into a flame

I have been to marriage seminars and workshops where they tell you that it is so important to have a date night with your husband and I was always the one that was thinking in the back of my mind, "yeah ok and what about the kids thats not fair to them if when we do have the extra money to do something that we selfishly spend it on ourselves having fun without them". When in reality I was the one who was being selfish not only to myself but, to my husband as well and to our children. Yes we have children but, we owe it to them to be an example of a loving husband and wife who take time for each other because when we don't everything tends to become routine and boring and that is when Satan will try and get a foot hold in your marriage.  Now let me say this first and foremost no one has a perfect marriage and I don't care who they are or how much money they have. There are times when your spouse is going to get on your very last nerve and ride it like an 8 second bull rider.  Believe me I know because I have rod that bull and so has my husband but, because we believe in the vows that we took on our wedding day and retook on our 14 year anniversary we are in this for the long haul until death do us part.  People now days use divorce as an easy out because they don't feel like working at their marriage.  Well I got news for you "Marriage like anything else in life that you want is gonna take work for it to continue to grow". Now let me throw this in there before anyone desides to get mad, I am,not against divorce because in some cases it is necessary and it is in the Bible the do's and don'ts of divorce.  Both myself and my husband have been divorced due to enfadelity on the other spouse's behalf not ours and some other major issues that I won't get into right now but, maybe at another time if the Holy Spirit leads me too. So finally here lately my husband and I have been going out once a week thanks to some gift cards that were given to us for our anniversary and we have really been having a nice time just spending maybe an hour talking and reconnecting which is extremely important. Yes we are with each other daily but, it is important to have that alone time where we are not thinking about what they kids are fighting about, what bills need paid this week, etc just face to face no phones just talking and giving your undivided attention even if you are just talking about crazy stuff that no one else would get but you can two do.  This is just like spending time with God because whenever you have a personal relationship with God you can tell him anything because even if it doesn't make sense to others it does to Him because what matters to you matters to God. You have to spend time daily with God and then just think of Sundays and Wednesdays as your date night when you get to go give all your attention to him and worship him and learn more about him.  This is the way that you can turn that spark into a flame.

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