Wednesday, June 18, 2014

When Life Throws You A Curve Ball

Every morning I pray about what I should write and today I am feeling led to write about a curve ball that got thrown into my life when I was 19 years old. It was May 14th,  1993 and I had just given birth to my 2nd child only this time I was rushed in for an emergency c-section because the baby was going into distress.  They did what is called a spinal block before cutting me open but, I was not fully numb and I still felt a lot of the cutting and things that were going on to get my baby out safely.  As soon as he was safely out they put me to sleep and when I awoke later I was able to hold and see  my little boy for the first time.  During his feedings he didn't eat very good and he would projectile vomit like something from an alien movie, it was really scary for a young mother, but the nurses assured me that he was fine.  They released us from the hospital and over the next month we were in and out of the doctor's office having tests run and they even changed his formula 5 times but, nothing was helping and my baby was losing weight. His face was sunk in his belly looked swollen he was heartbreaking to look at. He was on every prayer list we knew because I was in church with him and I had him dedicated his first Sunday home from the hospital.  Our church had anointed him with oil and had even prayed for him. I prayed till I was blue in the face. I started to blame myself even though I had done everything by the book while I was pregnant and I was a faithful Christian.  I felt so lost and so alone.  Finally the doctor decided to send him to the children's hospital to have some stomach scans done. The hospital was 1 1/2 hours away so we packed a bag and headed out. We were admitted to the hospital because the scan would be done the nezt morning and my baby could not have anything to drink after midnight that night.  That was hard since it was like he was already starving and now this. The next morning came and we did the scan and immediately they found the problem.  My little boy had pyloricstenosis meaning the tube to his stomach was cloaed off and he really was starving.  They sent us back to out room while they waited for an operating toom to open and I signed all the necessary paperwork.  While I was waiting for them to come get my baby I held him and rocked him while praying and watching The 700 Club. When all of a sudden they stopped praying and looked straight at the camera and said "their is a woman in the hospital with her son and he has a stomach problem and God is healing him right now".  In that very moment I felt a heat and I knew that they were talking about us. An orderly came in and asked for me to follow him because the doctors had decided to do one more scan before surgery.  During this scan they had me feed my baby a bottle while they scanned the whole process and all of this was being recorded.  It really was amazing to watch because the formula got to the blockage the doctors had told me about but, this time we all watched as it miraculously opened and my baby finally was able to have food in his belly.  The doctors were in amazement,  they kept rewinding the tape and playing it over and over and soon they room was full of doctors and interns just standing in awe.  They immediately discharged us and sent us home. We went back to our family pediatrician to discuss it and he said your baby is perfectly healthy, you know God healed him so take him home and enjoy him. From that day forward he had no more problems as far as health issues but, of course he was a typical teenager.  Although he was raised in church my mother was a big influence on that because when my kids lived with her because of a nasty divorce that I went through when they were little although I did play an active role in their lives.  When my mother passed away it was devastating for all of us even my current husband and all of our children.   My mother had taught me how to love unconditionally because she showed that with all of her grandchildren and she loved my husband as her own son.  Well that baby that God healed, he is 21 years old and he just finished his second year in college.   This is only one miracle that God has performed in mine and my family's life so stay tuned for more testimonies.  When life throws you a curve ball sometimes you just have to catch it and throw it back.

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